Marie-Therese Garvey   Producer / Production Manager

...Even That Void is an ecological film for the 21st century: part expedition documentary, part personal exploration of mankind's relationship with nature.


Shot over two and a half weeks on a tall ship as it sails around Norway's Arctic Svalbard Archipelago, this experimental documentary chronicles the bizarre, surreal, beautiful and frightening work of 20 artists aboard the ship. Using real documentary footage, the film re-imagines the artists as experts sent - in the near future - to recreate the disappearing Arctic environment. But with no masterplan, maps or blueprints, each artist recreates the Arctic of their own memories, fears, desires and (flawed) expectations.


By playing on the classic sci-fi narrative - will the team return safely and successfully from their hazardous mission? - ...Even That Void subverts the typical ecological approach to ask not "how are we influencing our environment", but "how is the environment influencing us?" Along with the sublime beauty of the Arctic, the film highlights its rapidly changing landscape which may - before too long - render the Arctic as alien as another planet. 

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Best Film From the North, Tromso International Film Festival, 2013
"Daring, original and stunning..." - Elizabeth Radshaw, Hot Docs
"The documentary is beautifully shot and ladled with atmospheric images." - Lucy Morris, Dazed Digital

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