Greater Than Ten Miles is an independent documentary film production company founded in 2015 by myself, Marie-Therese Garvey. I began the company as an outlet to tell social issue and human rights stories in innovative and creative waysthrough film, audio and photography. 

As a producer, I often get asked what does a producer do exactly and the truth is the more producers you ask, the more varied the answers you'll get. My job has seen me do everything from writing treatments and scripts, figuring out complex budgets to rigorously researching complex material. I hauled an 80lb Steadicam across London on the Tube which I then hauled in a bicycle trailer, along with the director, through wooded paths high in the French Pyrenees. I've built camera rigs from PVC pipes and dog collars to get 'that shot' - low budgets are no joke. I even ran the Sahara marathon to motivate a weary filmmaking team. There are lots of different types of producers out there but you really have to ask yourself, would your producer risk death in the desert for the film? Films are such a collaborative art form and the most fulfilling part of the job is being able to support and guide impassioned and dedicated teams of people. 


So where did it all begin for me? In 2010, after some years working in Sydney as a music journalist, I decided to branch out into film. I had the opportunity to attend the MetFilm School based at Ealing Studios, London and upon completing their Practical Filmmaking course, I interned at MetFilm Production. After the internship, where I worked alongside renowned documentary film producer Al Morrow (Last Breath, Donor Unknown, How To Change The World), I returned to Met Film School as a tutor. I then went on to work with acclaimed production company Tourist With A Typewriter as a production manager and producer, as well as freelancing for other high profile companies such as Stampede Productions and human rights organisation, Videre est Credere.


My time in the United Kingdom was spent working with teams telling intimate local stories to more complex international productions from the Norwegian Arctic to the Saharan Desert. Inspired by the filmmakers I had the immense good fortune to work with while in the UK, I made my way back home to Ireland in 2013 where I set up Greater Than Ten Miles. 

The company's first feature documentary, Atlantic, was an international co-production between Ireland, Norway and Canada. The film screened at many renowned festivals worldwide including The Berlin International Festival and Vancouver's DOXA  and was nominated for a 2017 IFTA (Irish Film and Television Award). My first project as director will begin filming in 2021 (read more about that here) and I am currently working on an audio and photography project in the United States (read more about that here).  


I'm always excited by new projects and new collaborations so if you have a project you feel fits with the GTTM style of storytelling, or you'd just like to connect, get in touch via the contact page. I'd love to hear from you!